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Benefit from Psychological Trauma Treatment

I offer psychological trauma treatment to individuals who are finding it difficult to move on from disturbing events. I can help you heal from past wounds and manage your feelings in a positive way.
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If you’ve experienced a highly stressful or disturbing event that has left you feeling helpless and emotionally raw, you may benefit from psychological trauma treatment. Psychological trauma can result in upsetting emotions and constant anxiety. It can take a while to get over the bad experiences, leaving you feeling numb, distrustful, or disconnected. Whether the trauma occurred recently or years ago, you can heal and find your way to happiness again through doing your work in psychotherapy with appropriate interventions including positive psychotherapy. With the appropriate psychological trauma treatment, you can speed up your recovery. 

How Childhood Psychological Trauma Affects You

Many of the challenges that affect you in adulthood may be due to wounds you suffered at a young age. The death or absence of a parent, natural disasters, along with physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and neglect can lead to childhood psychological trauma. Childhood wounds linger unless you proactively work to address them. The good news is that you don’t need to do this alone. Working with a therapist to deal with your childhood psychological trauma can help you improve your coping mechanisms and quality of life.

Working together, I’ll conduct a psychological trauma assessment, then help you find ways to manage your painful memories. It becomes much easier to live a fulfilling life when you can talk through your childhood wounds. 

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Healing from Emotional and Psychological Trauma

People who have been through emotional and psychological trauma often experience flashbacks, nightmares, anger, anxiety, guilt, sadness, and self-defeating behaviors. When you work with me, you can learn to manage these reactions and stop them from holding you back. I use a variety of techniques to support you during this process of healing from your emotional and psychological trauma. I offer adults’ counseling, including couples counseling, to clients in the Arvada, Golden, Wheat Ridge, CO areas. Call (303) 872-7899 to make an appointment or ask further questions.