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Narcissism and Its Impact on Relationships

Positive psychotherapy is a treatment that can assist with narcissism, which negatively affects many people and their relationships today.
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Many people choose positive psychotherapy in Arvada, Golden, and Wheat Ridge, CO as a way to help recover from relationships with individuals that exhibit narcissistic personalities.  This is because narcissism can cause many relationships to become dysfunctional. Oftentimes, people who are closest to the narcissist are the last ones to notice the warning signs, leading them to remain in unhealthy relationships. At first, narcissists come across as charming, personable, kind, and caring individuals so they can get what they want.

Studies show that social media and narcissism tend to go hand in hand. A recent study by Swansea University showed that people who posted excessively on social media displayed a 25% increase in narcissistic traits. The good news is that positive psychotherapy is a way to help reduce narcissism in relationships.

Passive-Aggressive Narcissism and Other Types of Narcissism

The key to understanding narcissism starts with learning about the different types of this personality disorder. One of the most common types is passive-aggressive narcissism, where the individual is resistant to others’ demands in an indirect way. Instead of asking for assistance when needed, the person may become angry that no one offered to help.

Besides passive-aggressive narcissism, there are a few other types:

  • Hypersensitive narcissism: This type of narcissist reacts extremely negatively to criticism.
  • Compensatory narcissism: The narcissist works to build an extremely high self-image that suggests superiority above others.
  • Altruism narcissism: These narcissists seek to appear generous and supportive so that others will have a high opinion of them.

Some signs of narcissism include believing that one is entitled and exploiting others to get something. Narcissists believe that everything is all about them - no one else matters.

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Treatment for Narcissism 

Adult counseling is one way of helping with narcissism. People who are dealing with recovery from a relationship with a narcissist benefit from narcissism treatment. A professional can use therapy to help these individuals recover from the effects of narcissism. 

No matter what your experiences have been with having a narcissist in your life, Transformation Therapy can help you move on.  Give me a call today to find out how I can help you deal with the effects of narcissism.