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Internal Family Systems Therapy: A Revolutionary Psychotherapy Model

Some people feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit they need counseling, but Internal Family Systems therapy will put you see your problems differently.
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At Transformation Therapy, experience, compassion, and the best psychotherapy techniques are what make a difference in the lives of the clients I treat. 

Internal Family Systems therapy, also known as IFS therapy, views the psyche as having developed different parts to the personality to perform various functions on behalf of the self.  IFS therapy is also called “parts work.” I take a unique approach using Internal Family Systems model that helps clients get in touch with and understand the parts of themselves that conflict and cause them to act in ways that a counterproductive.  This intervention is also known as “parts work” because we recognize and work with the parts of ourselves that are in conflict with one another. For example,  there may be one part of you that wants to do therapy and another part that has valid concerns and wants to avoid the endeavor. In parts work, we would explore what each of these parts is attempting to accomplish on behalf of the self and to help the authentic, wiser self understand each part’s position and ultimately befriend and lead all the parts respectfully in a way that serves the whole and honors the parts, as well. 

Benefit From Internal Family Systems Therapy

Internal Family Systems therapy is a model of the psyche developed by Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D. and holds that the mind is comprised of somewhat discrete subpersonalities, each with unique qualities and viewpoints.  In IFS language, the part of each of us that is wise, whole, calm, creative, curious, confident, compassionate, connection, courageous, and clear is called the “authentic self.” Parts that serve to protect us from our pain are called “protectors”  Protectors that are strategic and proactive are called “managers” and help us keep ourselves organized and looking bueno to the outside world. Protectors that are reactive and focused on the here and now are called “firefighters” and show up in self-destructive tendencies and actions.  Both types of managers are ultimately protecting younger, wounded parts of the self called “exiles.” The wounds carried by parts are called “burdens.” As we work to identify and understand our parts, we are able to unburden both the protectors and exiles and create a more cohesive psyche that is led by the authentic self.  Clients working with Internal Family Systems therapy have experienced profound and lasting healing in many domains. 

When it comes to Internal Family Systems therapists, you won’t find anyone more dedicated and passionate about helping patients achieve a positive outcome. With this method, you’ll begin to see changes relatively fast and will love the creativity this model embraces. 

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Types of Internal Family Systems Therapy Techniques

Depending on the situation, I personalize Internal Family Systems therapy techniques to sit the client and situation.  Personalized treatment is important since every client has unique burdens and may need special handling to be able to shift and heal. 

If you need help with a problem, I encourage you to schedule an appointment with me at one of Transformation Therapy’s locations in Arvada, Golden, and Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Give me a call today so that I can help you enjoy a healthy and happy life.