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What Is the Gottman Method?

Almost every couple reaches an impasse at some point in their relationship. Don’t allow differences to end things. Instead, consider the Gottman Method of couple’s counseling.
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Unfortunately, some adult counseling and couples counseling miss the mark. Instead of feeling hopeful after several sessions, people walk away feeling even more frustrated and confused than before. The Gottman Method is one of the best psychotherapy techniques in that it’s effective and safe. With Gottman Method therapy, couples can overcome all sorts of problems, including those stemming from addiction, depression, and even trauma. This leads to a transference of emotions that helps strengthen relationships.

At Transformation Therapy, the Gottman Method helps couples learn how to replace negative responses with positive ones. As a result, struggling relationships begin to solidify and prosper. This treatment is unique. As part of Gottman Method therapy, couples learn about the research related to what makes relationships work and what does not.  Couples work toward building a safe relationship together and learn to honor each partner’s values and differences. This approach is of great benefit, even for people with significant relationship issues.

What Are the Nine Principles of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy?

In response to the question, “what is the Gottman Method,” again, this consists of nine principles. As to the Gottman Method for couples, these are:

  1. Building Love Maps
  2. Expressing Fondness
  3. Turning Toward a Partner Rather than Away
  4. Showing a Positive Outlook
  5. Managing Conflict in a Fair Manner
  6. Encouraging Life Dreams
  7. Creating Shared Meaning
  8. Trusting
  9. Showing Commitment

With the implementation of these principles, Gottman Method couples counseling yields positive results. It helps each adult assist the other in achieving greater respect and love. The Gottman Method couples therapy also teaches each individual to deal with conflict fairly, to appreciate one another better, and to develop a greater understanding of his or her partner.

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