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Stopping Emotional Eating – How is it Possible?

Learn more about emotional eating, its triggers, and how positive psychotherapy can help you. There is help for your emotional eating habits.
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If you find yourself going to the kitchen every time you are upset, you may be suffering from an emotional eating disorder. You may feel guilty or ashamed of yourself after you have turned to food, but the good news is that there are ways of stopping emotional eating. Because emotional eating is often caused by negative feelings, one way to end emotional eating is by dealing with them. My positive psychotherapy services at Transformation Therapy, LLC can help you.

When it comes to stopping emotional eating, it is important to turn to a trusted psychotherapist to deal with your stress. Eating will not satisfy your perceived hunger or help you feel better in the long run. Actually, it can contribute to harmful emotions.

Get Help for Emotional Eating

To get emotional eating help, it is important to know the triggers that are causing you to eat. There are several emotional eating triggers, and once you know the ones that cause you to eat, you will be better equipped to stop.

  • Pleasure: When it comes to happiness, sometimes the easiest way to feel happy in the moment is through emotional eating.
  • Unpleasant moments: Many people use food as a way to numb themselves from painful feelings.
  • Boredom: If you do not have anything to do, you may find yourself wandering into the kitchen to eat food. 

Working with an emotional eating coach can help you better determine the cause of your unhealthy habits and eliminate them from your life. For example,if you constantly eat because you are bored, you may need emotional eating help in the form of adult counseling. If you eat because of stressful situations in your life, try identifying the underlying issues behind your food struggles to cure your emotional eating.

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Emotional Eating Treatments Can Help You Towards a Healthy Future

If you are looking for emotional eating treatments, I can help you. I will work with you to determine the triggers of your eating habits and offer emotional eating tips. If emotional eating affects your relationship with your significant other, I also offer couples counseling. These emotional eating treatments can help you return to your normal life.

I help patients in the Arvada, Golden, and Wheat Ridge, CO areas. For more information about how an emotional eating therapist can help you, contact Transformation Therapy, LLC today.