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Emotional Eating and Weight Loss –
Transformation Therapy

We are products of our past… past environments, past relationships, past choices. You get it. It’s our normal. But sometimes, it’s not what we want for our future. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be.
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Do you think, “If I could just get the weight under control, everything else would be okay?”
You have a good job, good friends, and a loving family. Do you feel like your size is what is stopping you from having the life you want?
I felt that way. I wanted a loving relationship. When I was fat, the guys that I was interested in did not even notice me. Oh, sometimes we were friends. Sometimes, he told me about his latest girlfriend. But, she was never me. I wasn’t even in the running to be “the girlfriend”. The ironic part is that I didn’t really understand how attraction worked. I didn’t really get, on a gut level, that the trigger that drove a guy to ask a girl out is the “I want to have sex with her” mechanism. How I missed that I have NO CLUE. It seems so obvious now.

The funny part is that I wanted to lose weight even if it had nothing to do with a relationship. I HATED being so big, feeling that people didn’t notice me and that they judging me. I hated fearing turnstiles and airplane seats. I felt pretty humiliated all the time because of my size.
To top it off, I love clothes. However, when I was overweight, my prime concern was whether the garment covered my muffin top, not the fabric, color, design. When I look back, I feel sad for the limitations I let the weight place on my life. Can you relate?
The quality of my life was also sorely reduced by my obesity. I had achy feet, swollen ankles, back pain, chaffing, blood sugar swings, and elevated blood pressure. You may be a similar boat. Your body may be throwing out warnings that danger is ahead or your doctor may be gently trying to get you to wake up about the health crisis that is almost guaranteed ahead on your current path.

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Strangely just losing the weight wasn’t the answer. Losing the weight was pretty easy. Fewer calories going in, more calories going out. Like math. But after the diet and when I could no longer force myself to restrict my food, I was powerless to stop the roller coaster eating and the weight came back.
I had to develop a way to cope with situations without overeating, without “just this once” thinking. For me that became possible when I worked with a therapist that helped me change my thinking. Once my brain was no longer putting eating thoughts into my head, staying clean with food was pretty simple.
If this resonates with you and you are ready to work on the thoughts that are keeping you in the cycle, let’s talk about working together. I want you to have the life and body that you want. Call or email me today for a no-cost consultation.