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Searching for “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Near Me?”

Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you are able to experience shifts in your thinking that can reduce problems from your life. Whether an adult or couple, you’ll benefit from this treatment.
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If you’ve ever conducted an online search “cognitive behavioral therapy near me,” and you live in Golden, Wheatridge, or Arvada, Colorado, you’ve probably seen Transformation Therapy pop up.  As an experienced practitioner using these interventions, you can stop searching for “cognitive behavioral therapy near me” and give me a call to learn about this method and the other psychotherapy techniques that I offer.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques Benefit

For starters, you should understand the model for cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. This treatment takes a short-term, present-focused, action-oriented, and directive approach. The goal is to help change the way you think and act. Often, the people I treat using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques make quick judgments and decisions without giving any thought to possible consequences.

It’s also common for patients to have one or more cognitive problems. These thinking errors entail distortions, which means automatic thoughts become skewed in some way. That leads to an inaccurate perspective of reality. You might jump to conclusions, blame others, have trouble with emotional reasoning, and struggle to filter your thoughts.

Specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety, I can offer you solutions to overcome this problem. I provide cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety. You’ll learn how to feel comfortable, confident, and safe in social settings. Just imagine going to a party or special event and not feeling overwhelmed when someone approaches to talk to you?

The cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that I use helps with many additional thinking errors, such as:

  • Always being right – You put people down or throw blame to win an argument
  • Catastrophizing – You envision the worst outcome possible for every scenario
  • Control fallacies – You feel like a helpless victim or that you’re responsible for someone else’s happiness or pain
  • Fallacy of change – You expect others to accommodate your needs for you to change
  • Global thinking – You judge yourself, as well as others, but using only a couple of traits
  • Heaven’s reward fallacy – You believe there’s some powerful force that’s keeping score of your deeds
  • Filtering – You ignore the positive and inflate the negative
  • Overgeneralization – You draw conclusions based on one piece of evidence or a single incident
  • Personalization – You compare yourself to others, take responsibility for an event, and think that what other people do is all about you.
  • Polarized thinking – For you, it’s all or nothing.
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The Best Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Methods

If this sounds familiar, you’ll benefit from the cognitive behavioral therapy methods that I offer. Working together, we will be able to choose the best cognitive behavioral therapy methods for your particular situation. Free yourself by calling Transformation Therapy to schedule an appointment with me. If you look at the reviews, you’ll see my techniques get results and are affordable.