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Codependency Recovery: Your Journey Towards Healing

Counseling, self-care, and self-compassions can help you in your recovery from codependency. The first step you should take is to stop denying there is a problem.
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If you find yourself only trying to please your partner, ignoring red flags in your relationship, or having poor boundaries, you may be suffering from codependency. Codependency recovery is a long road, but it is possible. Positive psychotherapy in Arvada, Golden, and Wheat Ridge, Colorado can help. Taking steps such as couples counseling and self-care can go a long way toward helping your codependency recovery.

Get Your Life Back With Three Stages of Codependency Recovery

There are three main codependency recovery stages. I will help you through each of these stages through adult counseling.

Early Stage

Recovery begins when you stop denying that there is a problem. In the earliest codependency recovery stages, you will begin to hope and focus on yourself instead of your partner.

Middle Stage

In the middle stages of recovery from codependency, I will help you build your own identity and your self-esteem. I will teach you how to assert your own feelings instead of letting your partner determine them.

Late Stage

In the final codependency recovery stages, you will find that your happiness and your self-esteem does not depend on other people. You are responsible for your own happiness. You will be able to pursue the goals you want to.

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Our Codependency Recovery Tips to Help You Free Yourself

There are a few codependency recovery tips to help you recover faster.

  • Ask for support. We are very social, and we need others to support us. There is nothing wrong with asking for support during a difficult time, and it can even help you recover from codependency faster.
  • Accept yourself. You do not need to change your appearance, habits, dreams, or anything else about yourself for your partner. You deserve love and respect for being yourself.
  • Follow your passions. Don’t let your partner or anyone else keep you from doing the things you want to do.

Following these codependency recovery tips will help you love yourself. Speaking to a therapist is an important next step, so give me a call today.