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Leading a Happy Life After Divorce

It is possible to live a healthy, enjoyable life after divorce. Psychotherapy can help you express your feelings and learn how to cope with loneliness.
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It’s hard to adjust to life after divorce. You may feel depressed and lonely because things are different from what you are used to. Also, you may have access to fewer financial resources. It may seem like your whole life has been turned upside down. Getting your life back on track takes some time, but you can discover happiness in life after divorce. Some clients find that positive psychotherapy makes the healing process more manageable.

Life after divorce for men can take on several forms. Men are more likely to keep emotions bottled up or even be in denial about the turmoil they’re experiencing. Couple this with a man’s new-found freedom, and he may engage in dangerous behavior. Life after divorce for women can be a completely different experience. Most women cry and talk about their feelings with their friends. Despite the differences, both men and women can benefit from counseling to help them deal with life after divorce.


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Get Help in Overcoming Loneliness

Feeling alone is a natural consequence of divorce. With the right techniques, overcoming loneliness is possible. Coping with loneliness starts with paying attention to how your body reacts and allowing yourself to grieve. If you need to cry, do so; don’t try to hide from your feelings of loneliness. Remind yourself that others feel the same way. Similar to how you would show them compassion, you deserve the same level of care.

Loneliness can cause depression. You may become disinterested in the things you once enjoyed or feel the need to shut down around everyone. If you notice loneliness and depression setting in, you should seek psychological help. A therapist can help you explore your feelings, find ways to overcome loneliness, and begin enjoying life again.

Healing and Moving on After Infidelity and Divorce

Rebuilding your life after a traumatic experience is hard, and moving on after infidelity and divorce can be especially difficult. If infidelity was a contributor to your divorce, it is easy to focus on the betrayal. However, this will make it harder to move on. Instead, focus on healing your hurts and learning from this part of your life experience. 

Healing from divorce also requires you to look for something positive in each day, even if it is difficult. A therapist can help you to see things from a different perspective. With time, you’ll realize you can even begin to form romantic relationships after divorce. If you’re ready to try therapy so you can begin moving on after infidelity and divorce, call Transformation Therapy at (303) 872-7899. I offer adult counseling to clients in Arvada, Golden, and Wheat Ridge, CO. If you’re considering divorce, I also offer couples’ counselling.