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Therapy for Anxiety: When You Need It and Which Type is Right for You

Are your feelings of fear or worry impacting your relationships or career? That’s a sign that it’s time to get therapy for anxiety. Psychotherapy can help you to take better control of your feelings.
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Everyone feels anxious from time to time since anxiety is a natural response to stressful situations. However, if you experience persistent anxiety, you should consider seeking therapy for anxiety. For people with anxiety disorders, fear and worry aren’t temporary and they need the benefits of psychotherapy

It can be difficult to determine whether you need to seek professional help for anxiety. However, if your fear or worry is interfering with your daily life in some way, you should seek psychotherapy for anxiety. If your relationships, career, health, sleep or hobbies are suffering, it’s a sign that you can’t handle your anxiety on your own. Naturally, you’ll want to know about what’s the best therapy for anxiety so read on for some of the most popular approaches.

What Are the Different Types of Therapy for Anxiety?

Since anxiety affects everyone differently, there are many types of therapy for anxiety. Common therapy techniques for anxiety include exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and blended approaches. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Exposure therapy for anxiety helps you to confront their fears instead of avoiding them. The therapist creates a safe environment in which you can be exposed to the situations, objects or activities which scare you.
  • Cognitive therapy for anxiety is aimed at teaching the brain to see the world in different ways by slowing down your thinking and considering whether your beliefs are rational or not. It helps you to calm down, change your beliefs about yourself, and become more optimistic.
  • Talk therapy for anxiety involves encouraging you to put your thoughts and feelings into words. The therapist sees the bigger picture and helps you identify patterns and find a solution. It is scientifically proven that talking can help you to figure out what’s really bothering you and what you can do about it.
  • Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) views anxiety as an inhibitory emotion that is covering up a deeper core emotion.  In AEDP, the therapist welcomes the core feeling and encourages it to be explored, understood, and resolved. Core feelings, when allowed to be experienced to completion, are similar to an ocean wave; they arise, crest, and recede. Once the core feeling is fully expressed, new positive feelings and energies emerge and the anxiety is resolved. 
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What Are the Techniques Used in Therapy for Social Anxiety?

Many people who fear humiliation or rejection in social situations could benefit from therapy for social anxiety. Social anxiety is the most common anxiety disorder and like other disorders, it can be treated in a variety of ways. Exposure therapy for social anxiety can involve real-world confrontation such as speaking in front of an audience, vividly imagining the feared situation or role-playing with the therapist.

Other types of anxiety disorders include phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder,  post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Anxiety disorder psychotherapy is always tailored to each patient’s condition and personality.

If you’ve been searching for “therapy for anxiety near me” in Arvada, Golden or Wheat Ridge, CO, contact Transformation Therapy. Psychotherapist Angela Miller is always ready to provide professional assistance. Contact her via the contact form on the site and state exactly what worries you.


Angie has been amazing over the past year and a half we have worked with her. My wife and I went to her to improve our communication skills.
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Angela Miller has an impressive way of leading group conversation where it needs to without being forceful or negative.
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Therapy with Angie has been so beneficial. Her empathic and insightful approach allows her patients to feel comfortable exploring their emotions.
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Angie Miller has been critical in my self-care routine. Her practice is tuned and present.
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I'm so glad I found Angie and was able to lose my anxiety when driving. Using EMDR, we were able to help me get over a car wreck and then be able to drive again without feeling fear.

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