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Professional Anger Management Therapy

If you need help dealing with your anger and controlling your emotional responses, you may benefit from anger management therapy. I‘ll provide you with exercises and techniques which can help.
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Anger is a natural emotional response to fear, hurt, injustice or frustration. Anger is the emotion that protects us from harm.  While some people can control their anger, others need anger management therapy. As Hilary Jacobs Hendel discusses in her book “It’s Not Always about Depression, there is a difference between experiencing anger and acting out anger.  “Experiencing anger is a purely internal experience...whereas, acting out anger unleashes it on another person or object.” (Hendel, 2018)  Acting out anger is destructive to others and relationships. The problem isn’t the anger itself, but the physical reaction which follows when we choose to act it out.   Some people get into arguments or physical fights, break objects or throw things and this usually hurts their relationships. If you struggle to manage your anger, anger management therapy can help you to better recognize and control your feelings. One of the benefits of psychotherapy is a reduction in anger problems. At Transformation Therapy, I offer both adults counseling and couples counseling.

I Will Recommend Anger Management Exercises

When you see a therapist, you will learn helpful anger management exercises and techniques. You shouldn’t ignore angry feelings or try to suppress them - this can cause health problems like high blood pressure - but you shouldn’t immediately respond with aggressive behavior. Learning to notice and acknowledge our anger internally is an important step to effectively cope with it.  One of the things your therapist may suggest is focusing on your breathing. This lowers your heart rate and blood pressure and makes it easier for you to control your behavior. Exercising, meditating, and journaling are also popular anger management exercises.

During therapy, you’ll learn the different types of anger and how you should respond to them. I will develop personalized anger management strategies based on your unique triggers. Individuals who can benefit from anger therapy include:

  • Those who show bullying behaviors
  • Violent offenders
  • People with mental health issues or cognitive disorders who find it difficult to regulate their emotional responses
  • Individuals who display bullying behaviors
  • Individuals dealing with PTSD
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How Anger Management Counseling Helps

Anger management counseling is aimed at helping you to:

  • Identify situations which tend to trigger your anger so you can prepare for them
  • Learn how to express yourself assertively and appropriately
  • Learn how to focus on problem-solving rather than the problem itself
  • Develop the ability to recognize when you’re not responding logically
  • Learn how to relax and calm down when you feel a surge of anger

You’ll be able to take a step back and look at all the factors which contribute to your anger. People often think their anger is due to one primary source, but this isn't usually the case. When you properly evaluate the cause of your anger, you can develop healthy coping mechanisms. Chronic anger is usually sourced by situations that occurred long ago that have built up over time.  Working to deal with the pain underneath the volcano of emotions is a smart way to reduce the cumulative level of anger a person feels. This, coupled with anger management and cognitive strategies, helps many clients overcome their problems with intense feelings of anger. 

If you believe you could benefit from developing these skills, you should make an appointment with Transformation Therapy for anger management counseling. Instead of googling “anger management therapy near me” and hoping you find the right therapist, contact our office at (303) 872-7899.  I serve Arvada, Golden, and Wheat Ridge, CO.

Hendel, H. J. (2018). It's not always depression - a new theory of listening to your body. discover core emotions, and connect to your authentic self. Penguin Books.